Welcome to NTL Baraka Eco-Farming and Tourism

NTL Baraka Eco-Farming and Tourism, NBeF Organics is a crop producing, Agro-tourism and consulting co-operative, with a concern for the environment, health and safety of both consumers and its workers and largely involved in natural resource conservation, hence their involvement with training and consulting on sustainable and/or Organic farming.

Passionate about the environment

Our Mission

We will achieve this by working with fellow organic farmers in South Africa to produce excellent quality organic produce, competitively and professionally. We will train our people on how to farm organically and/or sustainably, thereby encouraging a health consciousness and creating employment.

Our Vision

Create self-dependency in our farmers

  • Improve the health of our consumers
  • Create sustainable jobs
  • Develop strategic alliances with local retailers in order to supply.
  • Establish a network of international clients for export purpose.

Our Values

  • Quality

NBeF organics believes in developing and teaching ways and means of producing good quality food. We also believe in giving our customers nothing less than the best at all times, regardless of social standing, race, gender and age. The quality of the product(s) will not only reflect on the outside, but internally too, where NBeF organics will ensure that food testing is done.

The quality of our work will be seen in the number of farms that will be practicing organic agriculture under our supervision and the knowledge of the farmers about sustainability of natural resources, people’s livelihood and food security.

An increase in the biodiversity of farm fields

  • Empowerment

NBeF organics does not believe in employing famers, but in developing partners who are organic farmers in their own right. As partners we can cluster in order to fill up a shipment in case of exporting our produce, and ensure traceability and tractability.

  • Professionalism

Continued research and development will ensure improvement is implemented where there is a need.


Product(s) & Services

We are a farming co-operative, producing organic vegetables – Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Dry beans, Potatoes, Medicinal herbs and Moringa oleifera. We sell our veg’s fresh and herbs dry and/or in teabags, to a variety of markets in South Africa. We work hand in hand with Potato SA through NTK, Goseame and Fruit & Veg city, and aim to grow into the European market with Moringa oleifera as a natural ingredient for the food supplement sector. Our aim is to grow the our vegetable and herbal markets locally as well as enter the

NBeF Organics’ professional services team developed customized farm management and good agricultural practices designed to increase efficiency, improve revenue and to enhance competitive advantage and more importantly conserve natural resources. Throughout the development period our team works in close consultation with each customer to gain a clear understanding of their organic requirements and to ensure the suitability of the application being developed. NBeF Organics encourages use of on-farm inputs, hence:

  1. Irrigation Planning and Layout
  2. At NBeF organics we believe that in order for one to get good yields, soil and water as the basis of crop production are essential. Proper ways and means of irrigating crops should be put in place so as to observe water use efficiency. Our professionals in this field ensure that our customers understand this concept, help them make calculated decisions and implement the correct irrigation principles. We make irrigation plans and layout the system for our clients’ benefit, and soil analysis for water retention, available nutrients and water analysis for microbial activity.
  3. Compost making as organic waste recycling ( Reduce,Reuse and Recycle) Principle
  4. We have our own farms where this principle is practiced and thoroughly researched and effect quantified. We also have qualified and well experienced staff who can very well train others on the right methods of doing this correctly. The importance and benefit of this practice is explained, which forms part of crop protection methods as field sanitation.
  5. Flora and Fauna Diversity for crop protection and nutrient cycling
  6. NBeF organics encourages its customers to diversify in order to reduce risks of crop failure due to pests and diseases, conserve water and soil, increase food security and improve biodiversity for sustainability. We believe that each famer has in a given farm, different soil types and forms. With a proper soil, water and environmental analysis, these could be addressed. This will ensure that each farmer or customer gets exactly what will be profitable in his/her conditions.
  7. Natural Control for pests and diseases
  8. As organic famers we and our customers do not use synthetic chemicals but quality is never compromised, therefore it is important to know natural ways and means of controlling pests and diseases. Our experience, research and development and intensive studying will be used in disseminating the information. Based on indigenous knowledge systems this will be strengthened.
  9. Soil improvement and amendments
  10. NBeF organics encourages its customers to put back into the soils what the crops took out; this will be done through composting. Also, customers are encouraged to follow a tailor-made rotational program and multi-cropping systems offered and practiced at NBeF Organics farms to improve the soil structure and nutrient content of the soils.
  11. Personal and crop hygiene for optimal sanitation
  12. This will be trained such that our customers are made aware that hygiene is crucial in protecting crops from diseases and pests, also to avoid the spread of infestation
  13. Paradigm shift
  14. This is done because we understand that moving into organic farming needs one to change from the dependency on conventional ways of farming. NBeF organics help their customers to deal with this trauma and offer support system, to face all day to day running of the farming practices.
  15. Group Dynamics
  16. We aim to encourage more and more farming communities to move into organic farming, and market their produce in bulk. Clustering means a lot of people working together, forming cooperatives and/or associations. NBeF organics will train people involved in cooperatives in areas of inter-personal relations to enhance team work.
  17. National and international organic market access requirements for market linkages
  18. We provide our customers with all the do’s and don’ts for organic market access.
  19. Organic Fruit and Vegetable Production
  20. Tailor-made programs are developed for this practice; farmers are showed proper ways of avoiding diseases and pests before infestation. Precautionary measures put in place to eliminate or reduce pest and diseases problems.
  21. Organic Poultry and Goat production
  22. No synthetic chemicals are used. We teach the correct and safe way of doing organic poultry and goat production.
  23. Agribusiness consulting
  24. As experienced business consultants in agriculture, we want to assist our fellow farmers in business management, marketing and sales, to grow their love of farming into sustainable agri-businesses.

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Product 1


Staff Profile

Nombulelo Bopape

Marketing Manager

Nomsa Ngwenya

Organic Farmer and organic Farming consultant

Julia Adam

Administrator and Project Coordinator

Sharmaigne Ngwenya

Processing Manager

Target Market

NBeF organics has identified a need for organic farming and training, biological crop protection for good quality crops, soil improvement so that it feeds the crops, and natural resource management and conservation because they are not replaceable.

BBBEE Status:

Level 3, EME Category and 100% black owned with 100% of our staff being Africans of which over 60% are women.


  • Liofa – Limpopo Organic farmers association
  • Sanaco
  • Biodiversity forum
  • Agroforestry


Organic – certified by BCS (Germany)
Global Gap – certified by BCS (Germany)

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